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Israel Benefit Guide
  Israel Benefit Guide

These pages spotlight selected aspects for review of benefits and terms with regard to employment in Israel. This presentation is not exhaustive and focuses on benefits provided by the employer.

Please note that some items in this checklist may not be relevant for all employers.  It is recommended that new employment contracts are written or reviewed by local legal counsel.

For further detail please contact Maurice Brandman.

    Company car                               Retirement plan
    Convalscence allowance               Seasonal gifts
    Death and disability                      Sick pay
    Professional Training Fund            Termination indemnities
    Medical and dental insurance        Travel allowance
    Minimum salary                           Vacations and leaves
    Non-discrimination laws                Work hours

Other issues for consideration:
    Benefit managemant                     Insurance reform
    Communications                           Pension reform

Tax reform                   
    Tax "gross up"                              Minimum Pension Requirement 2008
    Individual work agreement